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People Are Such Big Babies About Masturbation

Posted in Sex, Sexual Fantasies with tags , , , , , , on February 18, 2009 by teaseboy

I laugh at people who can’t admit they masturbate. Is it still really THAT dirty a topic?

An act worthy of only embarrassment as we hide in some dark place to squeeze one out, hoping no one will guess what we are doing?

Something we blame on “the devil” who “makes us do it” as we give in to sinful compulsion, and then allow baseless guilt to turn the enjoyable into a fleeting moment of pleasure, all too fast replaced by some sort of shame we are supposed to feel?

What a crock. It’s a perfectly normal part of human sexuality.

Pretty much everyone has masturbated some time in life, and most everyone who is healthy continues to throughout life to some degree.

And there is nothing wrong with it.

Funny thing to me is that people mostly connect masturbation to men. They’ve gotta meet my girl LOL. The female of the species touches itself plenty, men just carry the cross.

My girlfriend – “Denial Girl” to you reading here, if she ever gets off her lazy ass to write something – masturbates daily… often multiple times a day.

And she goes through masturbation toys almost faster than we can make the money needed to replace them.

She is single handedly responsible for creating a land fill graveyard of broken sex toys not far from where we live. Yes, my girl’s masturbation habit is ruining the environment!

She once took a webcam picture of herself to send to friends, and in it you could see like 3 broken toys sticking out from under the bed. Too much hard and heavy use for their poor little motor hearts to take… “sex toy coronary“.

She’s bisexual and has recently been playing with herself to this sexy masturbatrix (admittedly a damn cute blonde – my girl’s got taste) she found on the web – a hot little stripper that blogs about her sexual fantasies and tells stories about the dirty things that go on in the clubs. Lot of talk about masturbation too since she’s into tease and denial which is always a big plus to me, and she also loves to touch herself (especially when watching other sexy strippers in the club – now that is hot!). She’s blonde and young, and so has my total approval when it comes to my girl playing with herself to her pictures hehehe. No stripper shots there though, at least not in club. But some nice sexy posed pictures.

Now don’t get confused here people. “Denial Girl” doesn’t masturbate so much because we don’t have a lot of sex… quite the contrary. She’s just got a touch of nympho in her and she loves her little sex fantasies.

Though I bet that once she reads this post she’ll probably respond with something false about me in revenge… don’t believe it. Its almost certain she will take the typical girlie angle of – “I fake every other orgasm” or “I masturbate cause you don’t finish me off right” or something like that, blah blah blah.

She gets banged plenty and cums every time. Yeah, yeah, when the “female mutual defense league” reads this they will say I’m a dope for thinking she never fakes it. Not with this girl. When she has an orgasm its far too obvious whether it’s real or not. Right afterwards it’s like all the life and sense has poured out of her. She behaves almost as if she were drunk and in a daze, and then she literally passes out. Anytime I want to put her to bed I just give her an orgasm and its “lights out” for Denial Girl, LOL. It’s hilarious and it gives me the peace and quiet men often want with little hassle since she cums fast.

She gets too pissy and I’ll just hide her sex toys (that thing gets like her gold seal stamp of female orgasm approval – I love how it’s made by well known company, with their name stamped right on it along with suggestions for use – gotta love the Japanese, they don’t let foolishly uptight and outdated opinions about sex get in the way of profit or fun) LOL.

– Tease Boy